The heart of RZE is in perfecting the craft of titanium pieces that are durable, versatile and sustainable. We’re a small team based in sunny Singapore and Malaysia, building and engineering tools for the everyday adventurer.

If you’re going to be diving into unchartered territory, you’ll need a timepiece that won’t fail you. And RZE is that ever-faithful companion sitting comfortably on your wrist making you look good every step of the way. Our pieces are designed to be extra comfortable so you might even forget just how good you look. 

RZE is all about rediscovering that next zenith of exploration; your own personal Everest. Our pieces are meant to follow you as you take on new heights. Now, go out and see what your next big discovery might be.


Travis Tan - head honcho

Our fearless leader and also a commercial airline pilot by profession, he integrates his experiences of different cultures during his travels across the globe into his design philosophy. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, baking, playing golf and long walks on the beach.

Vivian Ko - Logistical Ninja

Vivian does all the magic behind the scenes and gets your products in your hands in the most efficient way possible. She is the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover as her ravenous appetite and petite frame can attest to. She pledges allegiance to pasta and is a big fan of siesta.

Clarence Chew - BD Warrior

Clarence is our wizard of light bulb moments and our resident appointment getter. He secretly wishes to be a world-famous Twitch streamer some day.

Mick Jørgensen - EU Distribution hero

Mick heads our sales and distribution in EU. His first watch was a Swatch with a clear plastic case. He was so impressed with the mechanics that he spent more time studying the parts than to learn how to read time. Mick is also the founder of WRISTPORN and WATCHBANDIT.

We are a hardworking and passionate group of individuals with an undying love for dogs, naps and chocolate cake.

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