Introducing the RZE VERIFIED Midnight Meteorite Aspirare

Introducing the RZE VERIFIED Midnight Meteorite Aspirare

To celebrate the launch of our largest watch yet, the Aspirare will be available in a Limited Edition of a truly out of this world, Midnight Meteorite. Limited to 100 pieces with an exclusive midnight blue interchangeable bezel and PVD coated meteorite dial. 

We believe that every tough, titanium timepiece we produce is an essential tool for a modern adventurer who may challenge their limits on land, sea, air and space. Our watches are truly built to be enjoyed by this generation and the next, and the Midnight Meteorite Edition of the Aspirare introduces RZE’s VERIFIED program. This limited edition will be the first watches from RZE that allow the adventurer to claim a non-fungible token and verify their ownership via the blockchain. 

Each caseback is engraved with a QR code linked to a unique digital identifier known as a non-fungible token, which can be transferred to the owner's digital wallet upon purchase. Using the new VERIFIED program, adventurers will be able to track ownership, warranty and service history.

We are excited to begin RZE’s VERIFIED program with the Midnight Meteorite Aspirare and introduce opportunities for adventurers new and old to interact with our collections in exciting new ways.


Why is RZE doing this?

Because we believe that employing blockchain technology to record when a particular watch is sold by us is the most effective way to track its warranty, and enable the owner of the watch to have its associated non-fungible token transferred to their crypto wallet for verification of ownership.

Am I paying extra for this VERIFIED NFT?
No, there is no additional cost to you for the features we’re introducing with the VERIFIED PROGRAM. The pricing variation of the LE is based on the unique limited meteorite dial while the launch of the VERIFIED program is a bonus feature.

How is that possible?
We’ve carefully selected the Tezos blockchain, specifically because it is a low cost, open source Proof of Stake blockchain that is energy-efficient, security-focused, and seamlessly upgradable. There are several other brands that use the Tezos ecosystem and you can see a directory of them here.
We’re invested in our future and believe in the value and importance of record keeping and provenance, so we’ve decided there is a value for us and our community to develop the VERIFIED program.

Is the dial actually meteorite?
Yes, the dial is a geniune slice of Muonionalusta meteorite found near Sweden.

Do I need to have a QR code engraved on my caseback?

Not at all. You can choose whether you want to have your caseback engraved with a link to your watch’s associated NFT. Regardless of if you have your caseback engraved, an NFT minted will still be prior to shipping, symbolic of it embarking on its first adventure and the beginning of its warranty. 

Do I need to have a crypto wallet?
If you would like to receive the NFT associated with your watch, you will require a Tezos compatible crypto wallet. You can learn more about getting a wallet here

How do I receive my NFT?
In order to claim your NFT, you will need to provide us with your Tezos wallet address after you purchase the watch and you will be able to receive the NFT without any fees or charges.

What happens if I want to sell my watch?
If you choose to sell your watch in the future, we would encourage you to transfer ownership of the NFT associated with your watch to the new owner as someone would typically include the box and papers for a watch.
In the instance that you do not choose to transfer ownership of the NFT with your watch, the date of the watch's original mint date would still be referenceable in the VERIFIED collection.

Doesn’t the minting of the NFT infringe on my privacy?
Your privacy and information will be respected, protected and not shared with anyone without your knowledge. When a watch is sold, prior to shipping, RZE’s public wallet will mint the watch’s corresponding NFT to a collection but its ownership will remain in RZE’s wallet until an owner contacts us to claim the NFT. 

How does the VERIFIED help you with tracking warranty?
While we know exactly when a watch is built, that doesn’t always mean we know exactly when it is sold. This will help us ensure accurate record keeping and in instances where a customer sends us the NFT if they need to send the watch in for warranty, or if they choose to send it to us for service, it can be  recorded in the watch’s history.

But I’ve heard NFT’s are a scam. Is the NFT supposed to be worth something?
We know what you’ve heard. While we are working with an artist to ensure the image used for the VERIFIED NFT associated with your watch is unique and offers you another way to enjoy your watch, the value is purely subjective and is not intended to be speculated on. The intention for us to integrate blockchain technology is to continue to strive to offer a better customer experience with verified ownership, warranty and service history.